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Form and Substance
Form and Substance

Jan Murphy Gallery, 17 June - 12 July
Curated by Alex Seton

Form and Substance, curated by Alex Seton, presents twelve artists whose work demonstrates a strong bond between concept and execution.

These artists, although working across diverse mediums, have a finely honed attunement to their craft, and an ability and desire to allow the objects they produce to speak for themselves. The conceptual and studio practices inform and feed into each other, becoming inseparable parts of a whole. In the making of work from a particular material with its own inherent qualities, ideas are brought to life. Form and substance are symbiotic; the medium has become the message.

Abdul-rahman Abdullah, Tully Arnot, Lionel Bawden, Ham Darroch, Honor Freeman, Laura Moore, Victoria Reichelt, Caroline Rothwell, Tim Silver, Charlie Sofo, Amy Joy Watson, Alex Seton