2014 > Tropaeum

Installation view
Installation view
carved jelutong
4000mm x 450mm x 450mm
Real Men Smoke Eagers
model car, rubber hose, engine oil, human teeth
80mm x 90mm x 220mm
Awarded to a  Future That Didn't Happen
letter box, mixed media
1000mm x 300mm x 400mm
In Search of Hope
680mm x 180mm x 150mm
WA - the ba ba boom state
wood, paper, foam, wire, resin
1700mm x 450mm x 450mm
Kitchen Optimism
stainless steel, steel, aluminium
840mm x 310mm x 420mm
Lair of the Despot
wood, ply, MDF, mild steel, acrylic
830mm x 290mm x 330mm
Swiss Brutalism
tetrahydric structure, enamel paint, Allorgan radio (C1989)
270mm x 140mm x 280mm

Fremantle Arts Centre
May 31 - July 7
Curated by Abdul-Rahman Abdullah and Andrew Purvis.

Tropaeum, the Latin word for a monument erected to commemorate victory, has, over time, morphed into our modern word ‘trophy’. This exhibition engages with the idea of the trophy as a domestic monument. Through a series of new sculptural works, the artists in this exhibition tackle the celebration of victory and the flamboyant declaration of supremacy implied by the trophy, undercutting this sense of grandiosity with flashes of sly wit and kitsch materiality.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Casey Ayres, Paul Caporn, Stuart Elliot, Wanda Gillespie, Therese Howard, Bruce Slatter , Josh Webb