Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (b.1977) is an Australian artist whose practice explores the different ways that memory can inhabit and emerge from familial spaces. Drawing on the narrative capacity of animal archetypes, crafted objects and the human presence, Abdul-Rahman aims to articulate physical dialogues between the natural world, identity and the agency of culture. Working primarily in sculpture and installation, his work has been described as magic realism, creating poetic interventions with the built environment. Living and working in rural Western Australia, he provides unique perspectives across intersecting communities, foregrounding shared understandings of individual identity and new mythologies in a cross-cultural context.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah graduated from Curtin University of Technology with a BFA in 2012. In recent years he has exhibited work at a variety of cultural institutes and art galleries including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of South Australia, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Newcastle Art Gallery and Pataka Art + Museum (NZ).

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah is commercially represented by Moore Contemporary, Perth.
Instagram: @abdul_rahman_abdullah

(pictured) Buraq | 2020 | carved and painted wood, fabric petals

Current projects

Gold Horizon
New acquisitions for the Murdoch Collection
Murdoch University Gallery (WA) | November 13 - April 30

Destiny Disrupted
Curated by Nur Shkembi
Granville Art Centre (NSW) | February 10 - May 1

Free/State: Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
Curated by Sebastian Goldspink
Art Gallery of South Australia | March 4 - June 5

Positive Pairings
Moore Contemporary (WA) | January 27 - March 15

Upcoming projects

Watching: Anna Louise Richardson & Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
West Space (VIC) | May 22 - July 24
Fremantle Art Centre (WA) | November 30 - January 30 2023

Land Abounds: Tracy Moffat, Abdul Abdullah & Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
Curated by Megan Monte
Ngununggula (NSW) | May 28 - July 19