2014 > Outland

Outland - Melbourne Art Fair 2014.
This Is No Fantasy. Stand G101

Outland is a collaborative installation by Valerie Sparks and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah brings together a shared interest in the migratory ideas of nature and the underlying contribution of animal archetypes in defining an elusive sense of antipodean identity. Drawing on the historical interface of faith and science, both Sparks and Abdullah seek to contain a tangible sense of the sublime within a domestic artifice of their own creation. It is the idea of reconstruction that ties their work together, a synthesis of personal and natural histories that become the building blocks of meticulous new realities. Outland reflects a gathering of global influences scattered across the Pacific and Indian oceans, positing contemporary Australia as a cultural by-product built on the reconfigured ideas of older empires.

The Obstacle
carved jelutong, buffalo horn, hand knotted wool rug
Before The Dawn
carved jelutong, bronze, lasercut jarrah, enamel
The Omen (II)
carved jelutong, charred oak table, steel, enamel
The Day The Sky Fell Down
carved jelutong, 240V chandelier