2021 > Everything Is True

Everything Is True Perth Festival 2021
February 18 - April 23
Curated by Chris Malcom
John Curtin Gallery

Opening in early February 2021 during the Gallery’s Bunuru season, the exhibition reflects the Festival’s theme of Bilya, the Noongar word for river, which also has the double meaning of holding the body in place and connects the past and future. Abdullah explores the different ways memory emerges from domestic spaces, often drawing on his personal memories of family life.

Everything Is True presents audiences with a blend of exquisite technical virtuosity, material intrigue and a palpable presence that can be both playful and terrifying. Filling the entire John Curtin Gallery, the 29 works featured in Everything Is True present an emotionally charged journey through the memories, dreamscapes, and spiritual imagination of one of Australia’s most compelling contemporary artists. Working mostly in sculpture and installation, his work has been described as magic realism, creating poetic interventions with the built environment.