2015 > Town of Victoria Park

Town of Victoria Park
Town of Victoria Park

Everything Is True
bronze, concrete

Kate Street Reserve, East Victoria Park 6101

This artwork is intended to become a focal point for the park as a site of family interaction, focusing on the fundamental role of childhood imagination. Located in a prominent position within the bounds of the park, the artwork is a permanent iteration of the work Everything Is True cast in bronze and installed on a polished concrete plinth. Taking the iconic figure of the triceratops, this work draws on the language of the neo-classic monument, creating visual parallels with the classicism of childhood as an era that is universally relevant. The animal, scaled to a domestic pet, is a toy in the grandest sense, a meeting of scientific wonder with the alluring possibilities of ownership and play. The work offers a sense of discovery, in terms of a considered object in the suburban landscape as well as a reflection of a history that is both personal and shared. Bringing together the durability of bronze with a refined level of technical craftsmanship, Everything Is True embodies childhood imagination as the primary function of Kate Street Reserve.