2018 > Waqt al-tagheer: time of change

Khaled Sabsabi
Khaled Sabsabi

The Speed of Light | Khaled Sabsabi | 2016
Courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery.

11-channel HD video installation with audio, 25 gold leaf, acrylic and enamel paint works on photographic paper, 100 copies (each) of 5 multilingual texts on paper
dimensions variable.

Photography - Sam Roberts Photography

“Kashf is a Sufi concept dealing with knowledge of the heart rather than the intellect. Kashf describes the state of experiencing a personal divine revelation after ascending through struggles of the heart. Kashf is etymologically related to mukashafa, a disclosure of divine irradiation of the essence, which connotes gaining familiarity with unseen realms.

In Sufism it is very difficult to explain the true meaning of the Arabic word Nur and in the Qur’an the Divine describes Itself as being Nur. We are taught that ‘Light is the purest entity that exists’ and that there are different realms and worlds around us that each have complete function and existence.

Muslims believe in the existence of Angels and Angels are part of the unseen realm. Prophet Muhammad PBUH, said Angels are created from light and that physical light is only a reflection of the true Light, which one can only think about in terms of their experience in the phenomenal world.