2018 > Waqt al-tagheer: time of change

Zeina Iaali
Zeina Iaali

Sweetly Moulded | Zeina Iaali | 2012
hand-cut Perspex
25 x 11 x 4cm each (6 pieces).
Courtesy the artist.

Photograph - Sam Roberts Photography

“This work is inspired by the moulds used to create traditional Arabic sweets called Mamoul that is served on special occasions such as Eid. The act of repetition to create the same decorative sweets on mass by women is symbolic of the pressures women face to conform to restrictive gender roles and the ideal of ‘perfection’. These moulds are faceless portraits representing the women in my life as well as personal symbols connected to my heritage. I use layers of hand cut mirror Perspex to create the layers and depth of the mould and to reflect the image back to the viewer.”