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Australian Muslim Artists
Australian Muslim Artists

Australian Muslim Artists 2020
Islamic Museum of Australia
August 14 - November 20

Winner of the $15000 Australian Muslim Artist 2020 art prize, sponsored by LaTrobe University.

Transplants (Euphorbia, Monstera, Sanseviera) (2019) is a reflection of my mother. Her expertise in horticulture and ability to allow the natural world to thrive in her care is matched only by the love that surrounds her as the family matriarch. Since arriving in Australia from Malaysia fifty years ago, she has made each house a home for her children and grandchildren. I owe it to mum to keep my plants alive, to let my garden flourish and love my children like she loves hers.

Each of the three plants depicted represent an imported species that has become embedded in the visual vernacular of suburban Australia. Grounded with modernist concrete pots, the work parallels the tenacity with which life may bloom in austere surrounds.