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Slime and Ashes
Slime and Ashes

Slime and Ashes
November 28 - January 10 2020
Curated by Matthew Harris
West Space

Artists - Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Tony Albert, Aretha Brown, Jemi Gale, Lionel Grijalva, Bronwyn Hack, Kaymay Hallas, Victoria Todorov, Peter Waples-Crowe, Terry Williams.

Slime & Ashes, curated by Matthew Harris, brings together varied artistic approaches to uncanny figuration and anthropomorphic cuteness to consider the interlocking experiences of nature, culture, community and identity.

Here we are, we’ve made it.
Every day we put on our silly little outfits and do our silly little tasks. It’s a rags to riches tale, primordial goo to world domination. Clutching our little blue planet, spinning, spinning, spinning into oblivion. Making our way through the problems and pleasures of this sometimes fecal swamp of life with humour and resilience.

It’s been a crappy year, but all we really have is each other on this big ball of Slime and Ashes.

Slime & Ashes is co-commissioned by West Space and Arts Project Australia, and is supported by Creative Victoria and The City of Yarra.

(pictured) Two Pigs
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah | waxed wood | 2020
Photo by Lauren Dunn