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Same time tomorrow
Same time tomorrow
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Same time tomorrow
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah | 2020 | 60 x 110 x 150cm | painted wood, horn, chain, collar

Studio image

Same time tomorrow was created in response to the limitations presented by 2020. Responding to the idea of what is now regarded as peripheral in the truncated context of a global pandemic when domesticity and the home became the focal point of lives in lockdown. Trevor is my pet goat, his life was unaffected but the ritual of my daily visits became an anchor point for a routine defined by it’s limitations. In a sense my world entered his and I found solace in that rhythm. Sometimes everything you need has always been within easy reach.

This work questions the idea of perspective. Defining the suggested limitations of a space with a tethered goat creates a central point that must be shared to be experienced. We become aware of the limitations of our own world when we enter the world of another. This work is intended to resonate with ideas of the natural world, regional experiences and broader suggestions on how we perceive our own centrality in the world around us.