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Destiny Disrupted
Destiny Disrupted

Destiny Disrupted
February 10 - May 1
Granville Centre Art Gallery
Curated by Nur Shkembi

Artists - Abdul Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Hoda Afshar, Safdar Ahmed, Elyas Alavi, Khadim Ali, Phillip George, Khaled Sabsabi, Omar J Sakr, Shireen Taweel, Hossein and Nassiem Valamanesh.

Destiny Disrupted holds within it the spirit of Kapur’s words – in the artist we find the documentation of history, as well as the revolution and revelation of it folded into the cultural landscape through the material manifestation of the artist’s practice. The role of the artist as witness, maker, agitator, disruptor and social agent readily occupies the space found at the intersection of art and humanity.

Together (2020) Abdul Abdullah | manual embroidery
Mask (after Ned Kelly) (2018) Abdul-Rahman Abdullah | carved wood
(photo by Sarah Kukathas)