2013 > Riding Bicycles

Written into history as the ‘worst boxer ever’, Reggie Strickland (born, Cincinnati September 4, 1968) fought professionally as a super middleweight, retiring in 2005 with an ignominious record of 66 wins, 276 losses and 14 draws after a career spanning 17 years in the ring. Ironically nicknamed ‘The All-Time Great’, it is the mentality of the battered journeyman that I want to focus on, investigating the premise of failure as contingent to the realisation of success. Willing to embrace the role of the loser, Strickland’s career embodied a strange economy in which consistent earnings came at the cost of credibility.

Reggie's War
Reggie's War
conte on ply, digital print on foamex
1200mm x 900mm each