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structural timber, MDF, laminate flooring, brass fittings, 240V chandelier, taxidermy cat, wooden chair, sound element

The Accidental Traveller
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

Developed over a period from 2013 until 2015, The Accidental Traveller is an immersive installation that explores my teenage experiences of astral projection in the family home. Utilising dimmed chandelier lighting with a sound component of low megahertz and high pitched sounds, the entire structure reverberates to create a physical sense of unease that increases as you travel through the hallway. The door and interior space have been narrowed to offer a sense of forced perspective and claustrophobia, at the end of the hallway a cat stares transfixed into the darkness of an empty room beyond.

This work was developed with the assistance of Artsource and the Constantine Family Foundation.