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Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery
Curated by Andrew Purvis
April 24 - June 27, 2015

HERE&NOW is a series of annual exhibitions presented at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery aimed at showcasing the outstanding work of contemporary Western Australian artists.

Like its predecessors in the series, HERE&NOW15 aims to set a new benchmark of exemplary creativity and provide a snapshot of the most interesting and challenging artists working here and now. In the twentieth century, the conception of sculptural practice expanded to include architectural intervention and land art.

Now, we must contemplate light, sound, the body and the ways in which we relate to each other as sculptural propositions. Curated by Andrew Purvis, this exhibition will see West Australian artists working at the cutting edge of sculptural practice asked to test the boundaries of their medium.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Rebecca Baumann , David Brophy, Jacobus Capone, Loren Kronemyer, Tanya Lee, Shannon Lyons , Alistair Rowe

(pictured) Light Event 2015
Rebecca Baumann
(Dichroic film, theatre spotlights,)
Courtesy of the artist and Starkwhite