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Windows to the sacred
Windows to the sacred

Mornington Peninsula Art Gallery
Curated by Robert Buratti
May 15 - July 12

Windows to the Sacred explores the existence of a universe beyond our world. Curator, Robert Buratti, one of Australia’s leading experts in the area of esoteric art, says ‘Esoteric art is essentially focused on man’s search for hidden knowledge of himself and his place in the universe.’ Challenging mainstream religion and pursuing alternative forms of spiritual practice, many notable artists are represented in this provocative exhibition including English occultist Aleister Crowley, once named ‘The Wickedest Man Alive’. There are also key works from Rosaleen Norton, the infamous ‘witch of Kings Cross’, Austin Osman Spare, British artist devoted to the supernatural, as well as major Australian artists such as Danie Mellor and James Gleeson whose works are re-examined in the context of their esoteric influences.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Alisteir Crowley, Thor Engelstad, James Gleeson, Barry William Hale, Danie Mellor, Kim Nelson, Rosaleen Norton, Austin Osman Spare, Alex Proyas

(foreground) The Omen (II)
Abdul-Rahman Abdullah

(wall right) A Point of Order
Danie Mellor

(wall background) Dimensions (Deepening Stillness)
Danie Mellor