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Epic Narratives - PICA Salon
Epic Narratives - PICA Salon

I found a snake inside a tree
stained wood, stoneware bowl

I found a snake inside a tree documents a time when camping with my family my older brother and I were wandering through the scrubby bush, collecting Banksia heads as hand grenades. He idly kicked a broken piece of Balga tree towards me and as I stopped it underfoot a section fell away revealing the matt sheen of dark orange Dugite scales coiled inside. I screamed, he screamed and we fled back to the camp site in a squirt of adrenalin to babble the tale of the enormous snake that tried to murder us. To me this was fear, my world of boyhood bravado punctured by the presence of scales, fangs and venom that loomed large in the imagination. I didn’t stick around to enquire how the snake felt, being kicked around as it took refuge in a piece of Balga tree in the bush.