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Epic Narratives - PICA Salon
Epic Narratives - PICA Salon

I found a bird inside a nest
painted wood, stoneware bowl

I found a bird inside a nest refers to an encounter with a common Dove, nesting at the top of an almond tree in my backyard. Climbing to my usual vantage point I found that it had been usurped by this bird, giving warmth to her eggs in a little puddle of dusty grey feathers. Normally doves are twitchy creatures, quick to flight at the slightest incursion yet she remained staring ahead, ruffled to stillness as she willed this intruder to go away. To me this was love, a foot from the clumsy grip of a human child she wouldn’t leave her eggs for the safety of the sky. I stared awhile and climbed back down to sit with the image in my head, it stayed for thirty years.