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Epic Narratives - PICA Salon
Epic Narratives - PICA Salon

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
Curated by Leigh Robb and Nadia Johnson
5 July - 16 August

In 2015 an extended PICA Salon with a distinctly Western Australian focus explores recent artistic tendencies towards storytelling, ideas around humanity and empathy, and a renewed interest in experiences that are phenomenological, esoteric, or sensorially charged.

PICA Salon 2015: Epic Narratives is a curated selection of responses to our over-saturated digital age by artists who seek to carve out ‘experiences’ and connect with others and the natural world in meaningful ways.

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Abdul Abdullah, Jacobus Capone, Penny Coss, Teelah George, Tarryn Gill, Malaluba Gumana, Zoe Kirkwood, Richard Lewer, Shannon Lyons, Clare Peake, Pip & Pop, Reko Rennie, Vanessa Russ, Snapcat, Kynan Tan, Hossein Valamanesh, Gosia Wlodarczak, Caitlin Yardley

Installation view