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The Fraud Complex
The Fraud Complex

The Fraud Complex - Next Wave Festival 2016
West Space (VIC)
Curated by Denise Thwaites and Peter Johnson

The Fraud Complex is an interdisciplinary project comprising a group exhibition, publication, digital archive and associated live events. Including performance, experimental writing, painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation, The Fraud Complex invites audiences into a system of suspended categories. Objects of uncertain provenance co-mingle with artworks to incite feelings of doubt, raising questions such as: What constitutes a fraud? And are we all just ‘faking it’ in different ways? The project explores contemporary art’s complicated relationship with fakes, facsimiles and impersonations, while highlighting the relevance of these concepts beyond the white cube, as notions of authenticity penetrate everyday debate around gender, ethnicity, culture and morality.

Abdul Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Hany Armanious, Tully Arnot, Bindi Cole, Megan Cope, Beth Dillon, Sara Morawetz, Técha Noble, Yoshua Okón and Tyza Stewart.

(pictured) Monster Maker | 2016 | painted wood | 80x80x27cm