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Every dog will have it's day
Every dog will have it's day

Every dog will have it's day
Curated by Kathleen Linn and Sophia Cai
22 July - 17 September
Casula Powerhouse

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Dion Beasley, David Capra, Anastasia Klose, Noel McKenna, Clare Peake, Kenny Pittock, Danielle Reynolds, Adrian Stojkovich and Natalie Thomas.

(pictured) Black Dog | 2017 | bronze, carpet | 65x80x300cm

Every Dog Will Have Its Day is a group exhibition of ten contemporary Australian artists exploring the emotional connection between people and dogs. While immediately playful and humorous in nature, Every Dog Will Have Its Day provides a broader platform to consider the enduring relationship between humans and dogs. Dogs are embedded in myth, ritual and the human experience; their roles span from beloved pet, surrogate child, guard and working dogs, to dark, symbolic representations. At the heart of all these is the enduring symbiotic relationship of loyalty and empathy that bind people with their dogs.